Walter Kager

    Executive Board Member of Austro Holding AG
    Within the Group the willingness to support one another is becoming greater. This makes us even more credible and stronger.


    Economic engineer (mechanical engineering/operating technology) at TGM Vienna

    professional experience

    1982 – 1997
    Eskimo-Iglo – Unilever/Austria: Production Planner, Management Accountant, Project Manager SAP R3, Controller
    1998 – 2000
    Senior Auditor at Corporate Audit – Unilever/Germany
    2001 – 2003
    CFO of Avanti International AG
    2003 – 2010
    Managing Director of Forstinger Handel und Service GmbH
    since 03/2011
    Managing Director of Austro Holding GmbH

    Mr Karger holds operational (management) functions in associated companies and currently serves as the Managing Director of Ankerbrot. Additionally, he is involved in overseeing control functions.

    Ing. Walter Karger was born in 1962. After training as an economic engineer he has started his career in the Controlling Department of Unilever. In 2011, after having served in many management positions, he became one of the Managing Directors of Austro Holding.