Schaden Fensterhandwerk

    Innovation and tradition go hand in hand at Schaden Fenstersanierung. The company emerged from the oldest carpentry workshop in Styria, which was founded in 1888. The first box-type windows were produced here 130 years ago. The production of new box-type windows is one of the company’s core competencies, along with window renovation. A 70-strong team at Schaden Fensterhandwerk ensures that up to 1,500 windows a year shine in new splendor. In the process, the windows are not only preserved, but also significantly improved using the latest methods and materials. The renovation of historical box-type windows, which we bring up to the sound and insulation values of today’s windows by means of a patented system, is also one of our specialties.

    „We attach great importance to material quality and timelessness. The results are, in the best case, heirlooms.“
    Christoph Schaden
    Managing Director of Schaden Fensterhandwerk