„Austro Holding is a ground breaking investment model with the focus on Austria and a distinguished circle of investors.“

—Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg

born 1946

The founding partner Austro Holding GmbH



University for Global Trade

1975 Graduation

1980 PhD

1985 Stanford University


1968 – 1974 Chase Manhattan Bank, Wien, N.Y., Paris, Düsseldorf

1974 – 1979 Executive partner for DONAU FINANZ Treuhand- und FinanzierungsGmbH & Co. KG, Vienna

since 1979 Founder and executive partner for E. F. Grossnigg Finanzberatung und Treuhandgesellschaft m.b.H.

The question of asset protection and income security was omnipresent during the global financial crisis. This and his business expertise were a deciding factor for Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg in founding Austro Holding in 2010. He strove to pool his ideas and knowledge in this venture. To invest in tangible assets and to spread the investments in order to minimise the risk were the objective for founding Austro Holding. One of the most important aspects is that personal interest is subordinate to communal interest.

The shareholders are limited to a 20 percent share at a time in Austria Holding; income from investments is distributed annually – like in the old days with the interest of a savings account. Thus the income return for the shareholders is mainly generated by dividend payout from the associate companies rather than by selling the companies off. The goal is a 6% dividend payout per annum. Another aim is to keep and develop the associate companies over a long period of time. The main target companies for Austria Holding are Austrian medium-sized business enterprises with a sound market position and promising development potentialities.

Interested associate companies are being thoroughly reviewed and only the ones that promise lasting development potentialities are then chosen.